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Faith Kerns as Alice in "The Further Adventures of Alice in Wonderland".


Audtions Four Our Third Children's Hospital Tour Will Be Held March 20 & 22

Want to inpire youth and adults to love and appreciate theatre? Of course you do! We seek actors who have strong skills in physical acting and character voices. We engage our audience with our unique style of acting and offbeat storytelling. If you have a professional work ethic and have an interest in being a part of a theatre company dedicated to bringing students, hospital patients and adults captivating theatre, then we want you! We're also changing how childrens theatre is perceived. Want to show everyone that theatre is cool and mainstream? Yes? You ARE what we're looking for. 


For our 3rd Childrens Hospital Tour we're bringing back another one of our classics! A Noir Mystery, Marty McGillicuddy and the Case of the Missing Macadamia answers the age old question plaguing students everywhere: "Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?" This interactive story brings many story elements that are found in classic mystery films and novels. This story deals with the effects of how telling a lie can lead to another lie and to another lie, until it ultimately it catches up to you.


Marty McGillicuddy. an assistant to the Great Detective Davis, dreams of one day becoming a real great detective just like his mentor, a comic book detective named Det. Coolman. One day a pretty girl, Rosalinaa Prettyface, walks into Det. Davis's office while he is away only to find Marty there. Rosalina thinking Marty is a real detective tells about her plight: Someone has stole her Macadamia Nut Cookie! Marty having fallen quicky for Prettyface pretends to be a real Detective and takes on the case! This lie only gets bigger and bigger and lands Marty and Rosalina in many bad situations. Will the Cookie Collector collect some more cookies? Who is the Cookie Collector? Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Was it Det. Davis? Chief Inchargeman? Rosalina's close friends? Officers Chip or Rooney? Det. Coolman? Did Rosalina steal the cookie herself? Will Marty be able to clear up his lies and solve the case before lunch time? And why does Marty like pie so much? All these questions and more are will be answered in Marty McGillicuddy and the Case of the Missing Macadamia!




  • Marty McGillicuddy: a youthful spirit with a dream of becoming a detective.
  • Det. Davis/Cookie Collector: a prideful detective with a dark secret.
  • Chief Inchargeman: the Chief of Police; a man with great power.
  • Rosalina Prettyface: a damsel with a pretty face and a pretty serious problem.
  • Officer Rooney: a ready-for-duty-police officer.
  • Officer Chip: a not-so-ready-for-duty-police officer.
  • Jessica: a kind woman with a sweet tooth and a mad crush on a certain celebrity.
  • Dale/The Masked Man: Jessica's husband. A simple man, willing to break the law to keep his wife happy.
  • Jason Coolman: a figment of Marty's imagination with some stunningly good advice.

AUDITIONS:  March 20 & 22 (Please contact us to set up a time)

Youth Renewal Retreat Center 

8301 Arroyo Dr. Rosemead CA 91770


REHEARSES: March 27 - April 26 (Tuesday & Thursday, 8am to 12pm)

Youth Renewal Retreat Center 

8301 Arroyo Dr. Rosemead CA 91770


PERFORMS: May 1 - June 19th  (Tues. & Thurs. mornings at elementary schools and children's hospitals)


*Audition sides will be available one week prior to auditions. Reach out to us to send them to you!





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