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Faith Kerns as Alice in "The Further Adventures of Alice in Wonderland".
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Auditions For The Actors Project Holiday Special Will Be Held August 22 & 24! 

Want to inpire youth and adults to love and appreciate theatre? Of course you do! We're looking for 6 to 8 volunteer actors for The Actors Project Holiday Special to bring some holiday cheer to schools and Children's Hospitals! With offbeat humor and fun we'll be retelling Charles Dicken's classic tale, A Christmas Carol! This isn't your average retelling however as we bring the world of Dicken's and other holiday classics into our imaginative production. Wacky characters will bring laughs to students, teachers and patients in this tale full of heart and holiday cheer! Join us on this special tour!


We're seeking actors who have strong skills in physical acting and character voices that can play multiple roles. We engage our audience with our unique style of acting and offbeat storytelling. If you have a professional work ethic and have an interest in being a part of a theatre company dedicated to bringing students, hospital patients and adults captivating theatre, then we want you! We're also changing how childrens theatre is perceived. Want to show everyone that theatre is cool and mainstream? Yes? You ARE what we're looking for. 



CHARACTER BREAKDOWN (Some roles will be doubled)


SCROOGE: He's a...scrooge; greedy, ill tempered; a bit of an old fool.

CRATCHIT: Scrooge's employee; a family man; hard worker; loves texting.

MRS. CRATCHIT: A loving wife; doesn't like her husbands texting habits.

TINY TIM: Sick. Loves his family; makes the most out of life.

MARLEY GHOST: Scrooge's long past business partner; hasn't worked out the kinks of being a ghost.

CLARA: Scrooge's long lost love; the ghost of Christmas Past; sweet; caring; playful.

BANANA: Ghost of Chritmas Present; dry sense of humor; sings opera.

SPOOKY MAN: Ghost of Christmas Future; doing community service from previous deeds; still evil.

DELLA: A kind young woman; deeply in love with her boyfriend.

JIM: A kind young man; deeply in love with his girlfriend.

SANTA: Jolly old man; wears red.

AUDITIONS: Aug. 22nd & 24th @ 9am 

Youth Renewal Retreat Center 

8301 Arroyo Dr. Rosemead CA 91770


REHEARSES: Aug. 29th - Oct. 10th (Tues. & Thurs. from 8a-12p)

Youth Renewal Retreat Center 

8301 Arroyo Dr. Rosemead CA 91770


PERFORMS: Oct. 12th - Dec. 19th (Tues. & Thurs. mornings at elementary schools and children's hospitals)


*Audition sides will be available one week prior to auditions. Reach out to us to send them to you!





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