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Faith Kerns as Alice in "The Further Adventures of Alice in Wonderland".

Welcome to The Actors Project


"Imagination is more important than knowledge" Albert Einstien

Photo taken at Queen Anne Elementary by Mark Riley

We're an up and coming theatre company located in the Los Angeles area committed to providing unforgettable memories that only live theatre can create. Our seasoned professionals inspire confidence and spur imagination through fun and adventurous tales that everyone from students to the teachers will enjoy! Our original plays run roughly forty-five minutes allotting several renditions per day. In order to advance theatre as a means of educating, challenging and inspiring young people, we are proud to say that all our performances are FREE to elementary schools and children's hospitals in an effort to bring imagination and creativity to life for one and all. What other theatre company can say that? We perform throughout the Los Angeles County. Trust us, we are not your average theatre company! Take a gander around and you'll see what makes us different from all the rest.


Check out the current play on tour here.


Relax and take a look around to see pictures of our past productions, see fan letters from students, see what's in store for the future, see how to donate, and see how you can even be a part of The Actors Project!


Don't forget to check out our About Us section where you'll find our Mission and meet the telented people that make up The Actors Project Company.


*We are a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit*

The Latest News

Two Weeks Until Our Auditions! - March 3, 2018


Two more weeks? What?? Yup! Come on down and bring some smiles and laughter to the young patients at local Children's Hospitals and Elementary Schools! Bring some fun nior mystery in an awesome throwback production of Marty McGillicuddy and the Case of the Missing Macadamia. Check out othe audition page for details!

Auditions For Our 3rd Childrens Hosptital is Happening Soon! - Feb. 25, 2018


 Hey everyone! We were out for the fall but w're back this Spring season with our special Children's Hospital Tour! This 3rd outting will feature another throwback show: Marty McGuillicuddy and The Case of the Missing Macadamia! A fun who-dunnit play that captured the excitement of our audience during our second year! Check out the audtion page for more info! 

We're Entering The Fourth Week Of Our Children's Hospital Tour! - May 15, 2017


As we enter our fourth week of our tour, everyone has been loving the silly antics of the Commedia dell'Arte! Students, patients and even teachers are crying with laughter! Students have been running to the cast giving them hugs and thanking them for an "Awesome show!" It's also a great experience to see hopsital patients love the play from start to finish. Brining the arts to everyone is something we'll continue to do! We can't wait to see where this tour takes us in the coming weeks!

The Second Children's Hospital Tour Begins! - April 27, 2017


Our tour began this morning with it's first stop at Glen Feliz Elementary! The students and teachers just loved the show! The students even remembered the characters that appeared in our Fall production of Band of Heroes! It's great to be back and we look forward to our first children's hospital stop!

Less Than Two Weeks Away From The Start Of The Tour! - April 13, 2017


Rehearsals have flown by! It feels just like yesterday we were having our table read! The excitement and comedy is building! As it should since we are doing a Commedia dell'Arte play after all! We're looking forward to bringing this show to the children's hosptuals and schools!

Spring '17 Company Filled With Amazing Talent! - April 13,2017


This season is filled with some amazing comedic actors that anyone has ever seen! No, we're not just saying that, we mean it! These actors have tremendous comedic backgrounds that are sure to entertain our audience! If only you can see our crazy rehearsals...


"Hello, floor. I love you!" And Thus Begins Rehearsals For Our Child-ren's Hospital Tour! -Mar. 23, 2017


We have begun our rehearsals with an amazing cast! New company members will surprising our audience with some pretty amazing characters! We began with the customary read through of the play, followed by blocking the first scenes! We only have nine rehearsal days before we begin the tour! 

This is it! Audition Week Has Arrived! -Mar. 14, 2017


We starting of our Children's Hospital Tour auditions with a bang! The actors had great energy and were fearless in their auditions! Nothing was held back! Commedia dell'Arte demands high energy and it was brought! We can't wait until Thursday! If you'd like to audition just hit us up! Can't make it to Thursday's audition, you can also try submitting a video! Never too late! 


Two Weeks Left Until Auditions for "Commedia del'Whatè" And The Sides Are Ready! - March 1, 2017


The countdown is on to March 14 & 16! The audition sides are ready for anyone interested in auditioning for this special tour! Just contact us! We'll be touring Children's Hospitals and schools around LA! If you want to bring smiles to the young patients and make a huge impact on them. come on out! You can find more details in the Auditions section!

Auditions on March 14th & 16th!! - Feb. 16, 2017


Our second Children's Hospital tour is happening soon so that mean auditions are coming up! We're looking for nine actors to bring to life classic commedia characters in 'Commedia del'Whatè?!'. Join us on this special tour that will bring some smiles and laughter to patients! Check out our Audition page for more details!

Second Children's Hospital Tour Coming Soon! - Jan.19, 2017


Our first production of 2017 will be none other than our Children's Hpsotial Tour! We are excited to bring patients once again some awesome theatre! We'll be bringing back a throwback show, Commedia del'Whatè?!. Commedia was our second production in our history! During our Fall production everyone fell in love with the Commedia characters so we're bringing back a commedia del'arte show! Auditions will be held in March with performances in April, May & June! Stay tuned for more info!

Students from Sierra Park Elementary give us a performance! - Dec. 3, 2016


This Thursday we performed at Sierra Park Elementary! Once our two performances were done, thier very own 6th graders performed their anti-bullying sketches for us! The pieces that they wrote were filled with humor and had an important message! It was great to see these future artists perform their own creative works!

It's Thanksgiving Break! - Nov. 18, 2016


If it's Thanksgiving that means schools are out for the week for the big feast! If you're like Arlecchino and Tartaglia you're going to put on your dancing shoes and dance untill the food is ready! We are so thankful for all the awesome schools, teachers and especially schools for thier engagement and excitement that brings our performances to life! This tour has been so inspirational to both us and the students! The best part is after the shows when the students run up to us and tell us that they felt like they were actaully in the show! In fact they are in the show! They themselves are characters in the plays. Emersive theatre brings everyone in on the fun!

New Student Letters From San Miguel Elementary! - Oct. 13th, 2016


We love student 'thank you' letters! These special letters were written to us by the awesome 5th grade class at San Miguel Elementary. They watched the first performance today and after the second performance we recieved thier inspiring letters. We do what we do because of them! The students continue to inspire us to continue to bring them fun, entertining and engaging productions! Be sure to check out thier letters!

We Recieved Some Special Plates! - Oct. 9th, 2016


During our visit to the Ambassador School of Global Education the fifth graders presented us with some specially designed plates! It's those little things that continue to inspire us to bring students the best plays possible. Everyone at ASGE were terrific and made our first time being there a very welcoming one. We can't wait to return and perform in their Cocoanut Room Theatre!

Schools Are Loving Our 'Band Of Heroes'! -Oct. 5, 2016


We recieved some great emails back from schools! Here's some really wonderful words from the coordinator at Breed Street Elementary: "As usual your group  knocked it out of the park. Outstanding, awesome, intelligently written, great play on words, and these were the comments from my teachers! The kids just wanted to have your group come back next week.  Thanks so much on behalf of the staff and the kids. What you do for our kids is a marvelous thing. They always love it and it opens their eyes to the many places their imagination can take them." This is why we do what we do.

Band of Heroes Vol. 1: The Story Relics Starts It's Tour! - Sept. 27, 2016


Our five year anniversary show kicked off this morning at Buchanan Street Elementary in Eagle Rock!  Our first time at this school and everyone was just great! The students were full of energy and were so engaged with the show from the moment we said "Hi" all the way till we said "Bye". It looks like The Actors Project has another memorble show that the students won't soon forget!

Rehearsals Have Begun And Our Five Year Show Is Looking Nice! - August 17, 2016


We are now in our second week of rehearsals! We're fully blocked and characters are already coming to life! "Band of Heroes Vol. 1: The Story Relics" will be bringing lots of laughs come September! Hurry up September!

Support Us!

We are a 501(c)(3) Non Profit. Yor can make a tax deductible donation that will go to providing students and families amazing theatre that will further enhance the arts and make theatre a more mainstream form of entertainment! We don't charge schools for productions since we believe all students should be allowed to experience theatre. With your help we are able to make the best shows possible for them. Take a look at our donate/support page for more info on other ways you might be able to support us. Support the Arts!





Arlecchino trying to stop Il Capitano from marrying the innamorata in "Commedia dell'Whate!?"
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