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Andrew Preston

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Faith Kerns as Alice in "The Further Adventures of Alice in Wonderland".

Our Plays

If you've ever seen a children's theatre production, we are very different than that! We are definitely not your average "children's theatre" with our unique style of story telling. Our plays engage both students and adults with our humor and stories that never play down to the students. Students are smart. If a play is played down, the students won't find theatre interesting. Our productions aim to show students how trendy and entertaining theatre can be. When the youth see that theatre is pretty awesome they'll be encouraged to watch more plays!


Our touring productions currently travel to elementary schools and are designed for all grades from pre-k to 5th. Each performance runs about forty five minutes. We maintain a short run time to allow multiple performances in a day.  At the moment we perform Tuesdays and Thursdays mornings from 8am - 11am for elementary schools. Special arangements can be made for city or community events!


All of our plays contain a moral, character builder, or historical plot element as it's centerpiece. Our goal is to bring students and teachers a play that not only entertains but offers something valuable they can take away from each production. The shows are usually performed on the floor of the school cafetorium or auditorium with the students sitting on the floor as well. No stage area is required. We bring all necessary equipment. 


All of our plays are original pieces written by company members.  


Feel free to take a gander at our current, past, and upcoming productions!







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