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Andrew Preston

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Faith Kerns as Alice in "The Further Adventures of Alice in Wonderland".

Band of Heroes Vol. 1: The Story Relics

Band of Heroes Vol. 1: The Story Relics


Paul Flores, Sinead Le, Spencer Weitzel, and Andrew Preston


Fiive years in the making. The four creative minds that have created the plays for the past five years have come together to bring students a very special collaborative adventure! When a Hooded Figure appears to be stealing special story relics from The Actors Project past productions, a group of heroes consisting of many of our past characters must come together to stop this mysterious Hooded Figure! The Heroes must travel to the different lands that we've seen in our past productions to try to stop the Hooded Figure before he snatches up every Story Relic! Who or what is the Hooded Figure and what is he up to with the Story Relics is the mystery the Heroes must solve before it's too late!


This production celebetrates our five-year annniversary and takes a look back at many of the colorful characters that have appeared in our shows thus far! This show brings the audience the message of believing in oneself and never giving up. To some some students it will be an introduction to what we've done in the past, while for others it will be a great look back at some of thier favorite characters in a brand new adventure!


Dir. Andrew Preston


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